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Network SSID of portable Wi-Fi hotspot is incorrect. Why?

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  • Last Updated 21/06/2015

Network SSID of portable Wi-Fi hotspot is incorrect. Why?


cause Cause


             When you do the initial set up of Wi-Fi hotspot, SSID is the last 4 digits of your phone number.

             1. SSID is shown as 'Model _last 4 digits (of your phone number)' during the initial booting.

             2. If SIM is not available, SSID number will be chosen randomly.

how to setup How to setup


             If you have different SSID, that is because you do initial boot without inserting SIM card.

             This is normal behavior and you are able to change SSID number through setting.


            Settings > Tethering & networks > Wi-Fi hotspot

         SSID setup



          Set up Wi-Fi hotspot

         SSID setup


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