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LG Smart World Application issue in unsupported countries

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  • Last Updated 09/09/2015

LG Smart World Application issue in unsupported countries



Customers in some countries cannot use the built-in LG Smart World application.

In the case of G2/G3, even though in unsupported countries it was possible to select supported countries in list and able to use contents of selected country.



The policy changed from G4. LG Smart World allows only LG account. (Unable to use Google account)

 1) Customer makes new LG account

 2) LG Smart World reads information of SIM card

 3) Nationality sets automatically (Customer cannot select country randomly)


             How to fix

If customers ask about this issue, guide like below.

LG Smart World Application will be available to unsupported countries in November.

It is similar way with existing G2/G3.

Ex) Latvia (unsupported country)

1) You can see the list of supported countries when you access or make account

2) Choose Russia (supported country)

3) Then you can use Russian contents.








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