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[G2] VuTalk





     With the VuTalk feature, you can make an interactive and more creative notes with the
     other party. Visual communication is possible while sharing a photo, a map or camera

     ※ NOTE:
     • Only available with a phone that supports this feature as well.
     • You can also use the VuTalk feature during a call.
     • The screen will lock if there is no input.
     • Requires data connection. Data charge will apply to both phones.

 Register VuTalk Before Use

 Tap  >  Contacts > .
         You can also register VuTalk service while you are in a call.
     2  Read the LG apps terms and conditions and privacy policy. If you agree, tap the
         check boxes, then tap Accept.    

 VuTalk Settings

     1  Tap  > Contacts > VuTalk settings .
     2  Set the following options as your preferences.
     • Notification sound: Select the desired notification sound.
     • Vibrate: Select the desired vibrate type.
     • Show request popup: Checkmark this option to display a pop-up when a VuTalk
                                                  request is received.
     • Contact sync: Checkmark this option to sync contacts.


 Communicate Visually with VuTalk

     1  Tap  >  Contacts > .
         Only the contacts who use the VuTalk feature will be displayed.
     2  Tap a contact to start VuTalk with.
     3  In the contact's details screen, tap . After the other party accepts your VuTalk
         request, you can start VuTalk with him/her.
     4  Use the VuTalk screen to chat and visually communicate with your friend.
     • Tap  to attach a photo, take a new photo, map view, or a sticker.
     • Tap the Pen icon  and Eraser icon  to write on the images you attached.
     5  When you finish VuTalk, tap  or to exit the VuTalk feature.
         The created VuTalk screen is stored in the Notebook app.

     ※ NOTE: If you tap  and go back to the Home screen, the VuTalk feature
                        still runs in the background.


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