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[G2] On-Screen Phone


 On-Screen Phone

     On-Screen Phone allows you to view your mobile phone screen from a PC via a USB
     or Wi-Fi connection. You can also control your mobile phone from your PC, using the
     mouse or keyboard.


 On-Screen Phone icons





 On-Screen Phone features

     • Real-time transfer and control: displays and controls your mobile phone screen when
       connected to your PC.
     • Mouse control: allows you to control your mobile phone by using the mouse to click
       and drag on your PC screen.
     • Text input with keyboard: allows you to compose a text message or note using your
       computer keyboard

     • File transfer (mobile phone to PC): sends files from your mobile phone (e.g. photos,
        videos, music and Polaris Office files) to your PC. Simply right-click on the file which
        you want to send to PC and click on "Save to PC".
     • File transfer (PC to mobile phone): sends files from your PC to your mobile phone.
       Just select the files you wish to transfer and drag and drop them into the On-Screen
       Phone window. The files sent are stored in internal SD card.
     • Real-time event notifications: prompts a pop-up to inform you of any incoming calls or
        text/multimedia messages.


 How to install On-Screen Phone on your PC

     1  Visit LG Home ( and select a country of your choice.
     2  Go to Support > Mobile Phone Support > Select the Model (LG-D802) > Click
         OSP ( On-Screen Phone ) to download. You can install the On-Screen Phone on
         your PC.


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