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Square Camera mode_G6

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  • Last Updated 08/05/2017

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 Square Camera mode

Have more fun with photos and videos using one of the four different square camera modes.

The 18:9 display saves time and hassle by enabling quick review of past photos while lining up the next shot at the same time.

Combine two photos into one, or create 2x2 photo/video grids to share with friends.

And take full advantage of the multiple cameras by capturing different shots at the same time.


Experience G6's new Square View shot modes.

  • Snap Shot

  • Match Shot

  • Grid Shot
  • Guide Shot

How to enable

1.Open the Camera and Select the Square Camera mode.

2.Touch the Mode icon and select one of the shot modes.

3.Follow the onscreen instructions to capture a photo or video.


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