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Error pop up appears after memory is full

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  • Last Updated 12/04/2015

Error pop up appears after memory is full



cause Cause


        ■ To read or write database, at least 8 kilobytes free space is needed on phone.

              When internal memory is full, storage full popup and notification appears to warn users

              that not enough space on internal storage would cause system malfunction.

              If users do not free up space, disregarding a warning, an error message will pop up.



how to fix How to fix


           1) Move user's personal files from internal storage to SD card or get rid of apps

                not used for long period of time to free up more than 10MB space on the internal storage.

           2) Go to Settings > Storage to check available space on the internal storage .

           3) If more than 10MB is secured, reboot the device.


                 memory full


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