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[LG G4 CAMERA]What is Quick Shot?

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  • Last Updated 09/06/2015

What is Quick Shot?


Function Function


          ▶ Press the rear Volume down key twice to launch the camera and instantly take a photo.

                1. Camera will be activated with last settings. 
                2. Quick Shot can be used when the phone is in Sleep mode.
                3. You ca enjoy taking photos with Quick Shot.

        Note: To access Gallery, you may have to enter the home screen.

                4. When the rear volume button is pressed twice with the Quick Cover on, camera will be engaged.

        Note: Only rear camera can be used with Quick Cover.

                5. Quick Shot ON/OFF setting: Go to Settings > General > Shortcut key > Quick Shot
                  take a photo instantly.
                 Quick Shot ON/OFF setting

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