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[LG G4]What is Audio Share?

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  • Last Updated 09/06/2015

What is Audio Share?


Audio Share Function



            1. Play the same music on two phones.

               - My phone : Send audio source via Bluetooth and play the same music on both phones.

             -Friend’s phone : BT dongle is activated with Bluetooth A2DP Sink feature.
             -Voice chat is available between connected phones.
        (Wired headset with microphone has to be plugged in).
            2. Both of you can listen to the same music on each phone
           -Not only LG Music, but DMB and audio files by 3rd parties can be shared.


How to use How to use


            1.Tap SmartShare in LG music app and select a phone to share music

            2.While playing an audio file, tag another phone to share it via NFC.


            Limitations-1.Audio Share only works on LG G4.

                                  2.If a phone is already connected via a Bluetooth headset, Audio share will be available.

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