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[G3] What is Wi-Fi direct?

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  • Last Updated 28/07/2015

What is Wi-Fi direct?


Function Explanation What is Wi-Fi direct?


             Wi-Fi Direct supports a direct connection between Wi-Fi enabled devices without an access point. Due to the high battery usage

             of Wi-Fi direct, it is recommended that you plug your phone into a power outlet while using the Wi-Fi Direct feature. Check your

             Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi Directed network in advance and make sure the users are connected to the same network.


How to use How to turn on Wi-Fi Direct?


             1 Tap image> image> Apps tab > imageSettings > Networks tab > Wi-Fi.
             2 Tap the Menu Key image> Advanced Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Direct.
             3 Select a device to connect with from the scanned device list.

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