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Connect LG phone to laptop / PC via Bluetooth

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  • Last Updated 27/05/2015

Connect LG phone to laptop / PC via Bluetooth 


·         Transfer files via Bluetooth between LG Phone and PC 


            Check point

·         Send files from your PC to phone via Bluetooth.

·         Send files from your phone to PC via Bluetooth. 


            How to Setup

·         Send files from your PC to phone via Bluetooth           

             Mark phone visible

             Search and add G3 via Bluetooth (pairing)

              Open Bluetooth service list and select “File transferring”

             Select a file from PC



·         Send files from your phone to PC via Bluetooth 

              Activate File manager app

             Select a file to send

             Press long and tap [Share] > [Bluetooth]

              Select a PC

             Accept an incoming file from G3





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