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Which cable should I use to view the smartphone screen on TV?

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  • Last Updated 28/06/2015

Which cable should I use to view the smartphone screen on TV?


how to use How to use


              The cable that comes with the phone is designed for USB data transfer and charging.

              It does not support video output to TV and cannot be recognized when connected. 


              Mobile phones released after 2012 differs in connection to external devices.

              Their use may be limited to connection terminals on the phone and TV and produce features.



              1. Cable connection between a mobile phone and TV

                  Use a HDMI or MHL cable for products released before G Pro. 
                  For those afterwards, use
slimport-HDMI zender. 

                  Insert the slimport-HDMI zender to the cell phone and connect the zender and TV with the HDMI cable.

                  Phone screen will be viewed on TV. Enjoy watching Full-HD vides on a TV, projector, and monitor.


              2. Cautions for slimport-HDMI zender

                  ① Charger does not need to be connected to the slimport-HDMI zender, but it helps to save battery.

                  ② Do not remove the slimport-HDMI cable while viewing DivX Rental VOD as it can affect number of views. 
                  ③ Some content (DRM/HDCP) protected by copyrights may not be viewed on some output devices.

                  ④ Some videos may not be played properly due to hardware performance and memory.

                  ⑤ Viewing may be unavailable due to screen resolution, frame for second, average bit rate or encoding option.

                  ⑥ Display aspect ratio may differ by manufacturer. If images are cut or not shown properly, change the aspect ratio from the menu.

                  ⑦ Power does not have to be on to read a device when it is connected with a HDMI cable and slimport-HDMI zender.


              3. Cable connection between an external device and TV

                  Please refer to user’s manual for HDMI cable connection terminal and cable.

                  Codec and caption file formats are stored in the chip set of the TV. As TV cannot decode or upgrade compressed files, 
                  check if the content meet specifications described in the user’s manual when the video is not shown properly on TV.


              4. Cautions for HDMI cable

                  ① When video is not shown when connected to the TV via the HDMI cable, check if it is a high-speed HDMI cable.
                       If not, video may blink or not shown. 
                  ② Please check the file name extension, video and audio codec, resolution and caption.

                  ③ Requirements have to be met for the file to be viewed normally on the TV.


              ※ Applicable to : G Pro


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