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How can I use LG QUICKMEMO+?

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  • Last Updated 09/07/2015

How can I use LG QUICKMEMO+?



The QuickMemo+ feature allows you to capture screen shots and use them to create memos. You can also insert a reminder, location information, image, video, and audio.


            How to use


Capturing and Drawing on a QuickMemo

1.    From a screen you’d like to capture, drag down the notification panel


2.    Tap QuickMemo+


3.    Use your finger to draw on the screen


4.    To select different drawing options, Tap the Pen icon


5.    Select the pen type you’d like to use


6.    Select a color

Note: you can also change transparency and line thickness on this screen

7.    Tap outside the menu to save your changes


8.    Tap the Erase icon  to erase anything you draw with the pen


9.    Use your finger to erase on the screenshot


10. When finished, tap the Check mark icon  to save


11. Select where you’d like to save your image


Adding text to a QuickMemo

1.    From an open QuickMemo+, tap the Text icon


2.    Enter your message


3.    Tap the Check Mark icon  to save


Sharing a QuickMemo

1.    From an open QuickMemo+, tap the Menu icon


2.    Tap Share and select the app you want to use to share


To Add a Reminder, Weather, and Location

1.    Tap a memo to open.

2.    At the bottom of the memo:

- Tap Add reminder , then select a Time reminder or Location reminder.

- Tap to sync current weather information.

- Tap to sync and add current location information.

Note: An active data session is required to add weather and location information.



Use QuickMemo+ Options

                  The following options are available when editing a Screenshot:

 Allows you to undo previous actions. 
Allows you to redo previous actions. 
 Allows you to edit the text, its color and its alignment.    
 Allows you draw on the memo.

                   Allows you to erase edits using the pen tool.

                   Save the screen shot in the Gallery
 Touch to access more options.


Press the top arrows to Hide the bar and crop the screenshot.



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