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[LG Bridge] How can I connect my mobile device to a PC?

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  • Last Updated 13/07/2015

[LG Bridge] How can I connect my mobile device to a PC?


How to use How to use


           1. To use Software update and LG Backup, 

               you need to connect your mobile device to a PC with a USB cable.



           icon When you connect your mobile device to a PC with a USB cable, 
                 the name of the device will appear at the bottom of the program screen. 
                 (Settings> General> About phone> Phone name)


           If you try to back up or restore files without connecting the device, the following pop-up

           will appear. Please follow the onscreen directions.





           2. When you cannot connect your device




           ● Check if the name of the modem is shown on the Device Manager.     

              If not, disconnect your device from  the PC.    

              Uninstall and install LG Bridge again to reinstall the USB driver.





            Please make sure that a MTP (Multimedia Transfer Protocol) device is connected properly.

              If you cannot find the device, check if your PC supports MTP and the connection is

              in MTP mode. 

           Make sure that you have access to internet (Some models for China and USC (US Cellular) 
              can be used only when they have internet connection).


           ● You cannot check the connection with Device Manager on a Mac.

              When the connection is incomplete, please uninstall LG bridge and reinstall.



symptom When a Device does not Support LG Bridge



           If your device does not support LG Bridge, you can also use LG PC Suite.

           A link will be offered to help you download PC Suite if it is not installed on your device.




           If your device does not support LG Bridge, a pop-up will appear to guide you through.



how to use How to Configure LG Bridge Settings



           icon Sign in / Sign out
                You can sign in or out of your LG account. 

                When you sign out, devices will be disconnected.

           icon Stay signed in
                When checked, you will be automatically signed in to your LG account

                when you run LG AirDrive.


           icon Backup location 
                You can select a folder to back up files in your mobile device.


           icon Region and language 
                Change the region and language settings for LG Bridge.

           icon Update LG Bridge 
                You can update LG Bridge to the latest version.


           icon Terms of Use 
                View Terms of Use for LG Bridge.


           icon License information 
                Check license information of LG Bridge.


 how to use How to Update LG Bridge



           LG Bridge will automatically update itself if there is an update when you run the program.




           You also can update LG Bridge manually. 
           Please click icon Check for update under Settings.


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