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Google Stagefright Android OS

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  • Last Updated 07/09/2015

Google Stagefright Android OS



Android phones can be infected with a multimedia message, allowing hackers to take complete control of a phone.



When a hacker sends an MMS message containing a multimedia file that includes malware code.

The built-in message app automatically processes videos and pictures from MMS.


             How to fix

Preparing to provide MR update in order as soon as possible.

(Please note that due to various availability by country and operator and also various factors such as testing plans and operators’ approvals, the timings of fixed software version for each country and operator will vary.)


Please guide like below temporarily.

Make sure that Auto retrieve MMS is disabled.

 1) Open the Message app, and tap on Settings at the top right.

 2) Tap on Multimedia message.

 3) Uncheck Auto retrieve.

After change this option, pictures and videos will no longer be auto downloaded.



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