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[G4] What is MirrorLink?

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  • Last Updated 07/09/2015

What is MirrorLink?



image What is MirrorLink?


            MirrorLink is a global standard solution presented at Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) that

            offers connection between a smartphone and a car’ s infotainment system.


image How to use

            1. With an app you can control your car’s screen and speakers via MirrorLinkUse the app on
                your mobile device on your vehicle’s screen.

            2. Download the app for MirrorLink from the Google Play Store.

            Apps currently available mainly provide navigation and audio streaming.

            Go to the following link to see more :

            3. Make sure your vehicle supports MirrorLink.

            4. To set up, go to Settings Networks Share & connect MirrorLink


                image    image


            5. MirrorLink

                If the installed app is authenticated, you can use it with your car head unit that supports

                MirrorLinkIf it is not authenticated, you may or may not be able to use MirrorLink depending

                on your head unit.


image How to connect MirrorLink


            More than one MirrorLink app should be installed.

            Method 1. Connect your mobile device and the car head unit via a USB cable to enable Use

                            MirrorLink checkbox. Check the box to connect.

            Method 2. Connect your mobile device and the car head unit via a USB cable. Connection

                            will be complete automatically(May not be available depending on your head unit).




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