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[Nexus 5X] HDR+

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  • Last Updated 15/11/2015




     HDR+ uses computational photography to help you take better pictures in various situations.
     When you press the shutter button, HDR+ captures a rapid burst of pictures, then quickly combines
     them into one. This improves results in both low-light and high dynamic range situations.


                           [HDR+ not applied]                                        [HDR+ applied]


     HDR is the function to take adequate pictures when bright light source is behind the subject,
     that is, in the backlight scene.  If the background is bright, to express the background image well,
     the entire brightness becomes dark, and the subject also becomes dark. On the other hand, if you
     take the picture with the subject being bright, the background becomes too bright, and it looks white. 
     If you take the picture after setting the HDR, it corrects so that both the background and the subject
     to be at adequate brightness, and you can take improved pictures.


                                     [HDR+ not applied]                                                                        [HDR+ applied]



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