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[Refrigerator] How hot is the front of the refrigerator?

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  • Last Updated 30/07/2014


How hot is the front of the refrigerator?





It is because of hot line pipe installed on sides by extending condenser

to prevent dews forming near the door. 
The product may get hotter as condensing is more difficult when temperature rises in summer.


How to fix


When the product is used for the first time or in summer, compressor runs longer

to make cool air and generates much heat. It is a normal phenomenon and not a defect of a product.

In summer, the product may repeatedly gets hot and cool due to low heat radiation.  
Install the refrigerator at a location when air circulates well and

keep distance of 5 centimeters from back and both sides of the wall.



As a vehicle motor appears to be hotter in summer, refrigerator can also be found hot

     when temperature rises in summer.Keep distance between the product and walls in summer.

     Cleaning dust from the back of the product also helps to cool

     (When it is too hot, place a fan behind the refrigerator to face the bottom).





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