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Why the ice maker does not work in the refrigerator?

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  • Last Updated 11/05/2015

Why the ice maker does not work in the refrigerator?



1.    Ice maker is not working and not producing ice.


1.    The Ice maker bin is stuck by Ice cubes.

2.    The Ice maker switch is turned off.

3.    The water supply line is not supplying water.

4.    Low freezer temperature.

5.    The water filter is clogged.


 How to fix

1.    Remove the refrigerator's power cord from the electrical outlet (you can also turn off the breaker switch for the kitchen if it is too hard to reach the outlet),remove the ice maker bin and clear out any stray ice cubes from the ice maker area.

2.    Look for pools of ice on the bottom of the freezer or icicles hanging from the ice storage bin. (This may be a sign that the water inlet valve is leaking and should be replaced).

3.    Check the ice maker power switch to make sure it is set to the "On" position. Make sure the shut off arm is down.

4.    Inspect the water supply line that connects to the rear of the refrigerator (Look for any areas that are kinked or pinched as this could be preventing water from getting to your ice maker),Pull the line straight to correct any problems you find.

5.    Consult a plumber to check the home's main water line if there is still no water getting through to the ice maker, make sure the water line and inlet valve are not frozen.

6.    Ice maker works best with the freezer set at -4 degrees.

7.    Change the refrigerator's water filter if you are getting hollow or small ice cubes, this indicates that the water pressure in the ice maker is low.

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