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Why does the refrigerator is not cooling?

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  • Last Updated 11/05/2015

Why does the refrigerator is not cooling?



·         The refrigerator is not cooling.


1.    If new unit it was plugged in directly after installation.

2.    The temperature degree is low.

3.    The electricity is not connected to the unit.

4.    The amount of food is not compatible with the refrigerator capacity.

5.    Hot food is put in the refrigerator.

6.    The unit is put close to gas cooker or exposed to sunrays or close to the wall.

7.    The door is not closed well.

8.    Not putting the food in the correct places.


 How to fix

1.    If new unit Customer needs to leave the machine without operation for 24 hours to let all gas go to the proper section.

2.    Put a cup of water in the freezer as test for 3 hours to see if it started cooling on medium temperature and reaches around 80% of the cooling efficiency.

3.    After 24 hours the cooling will reach 100%.

4.    Check the temperature degree of it (the freezer should be 3 degree while the refrigerator itself from (3-5 degree). If it digital refrigerator (between -15 to -19).

5.    Check the lights of the unit are working or not which affect the cooling system (power supply).

6.    Check if you put hot foods inside the REF directly, which affect cooling system.

7.    Check if you put the unit in correct place which mean avoid to put it beside Gas cooker or to Avoid the sun's rays and also the 3 sides must be away from the wall at least 10 CM.

8.    Check if the door is closing well due to when you open the door the cold air escape from it and make sure that the amount of food is compatible with the capacity of the unit.

9.    Check if you put the food in the correct place like fruits & vegetable.




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