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Why does Top Load washer not cleaning?

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  • Last Updated 20/04/2015

Why does Top Load washer not cleaning?



1.    Top Loading washer is not cleaning.


1.    The washing machine is overloaded.

2.    Small amount of detergent.

3.    Incorrect program choice for different fabrics.

4.    Low water temperature.  

 How to fix

1.    Make sure that the machine is not overloaded.

2.    Use suitable amount of detergent for load size and amount of dirt and water hardness.

3.    HE detergent is recommended as well for better results as its producing less bubbles and more cleaning efficiency.

4.    Chose the suitable program for each fabric type and if its heavy dirt you can use Duvet (Bulky) program OR Soak+ Duvet (Bulky).

5.       Different Water Temperature may be required according to dirt type as sometimes it’s better to use hot or warm water.


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