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Error Codes)LE1 / e6_ Top Loader

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  • Last Updated 26/06/2016

Error Codes)LE1 / e6_ Top Loader


Error Codes


LE1 or e6

 How to fix

Q. Would you remove any items from the drum?
     Look at the bottom of the tub. The round part in the middle is the impeller, or wash wing.
    This is a separate piece from the drum cylinder.
     Carefully feel around the impeller, where it meets the drum. You want to check for anything the might be stuck between
     the two pieces, such as a coin, button, paperclip.

Item found : Gently remove the item from between the drum and impeller.
                      Pockets should be empty and garments with décor should be washed inside out.

Nothing Found : perform a spin only or Rinse and Spin Cycle.

Sound continues : Service will be required.

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