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Why does the estimated time stop advancing on the dryer?

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  • Last Updated 04/12/2012

Does the timer stays at six minutes briefly and then advances?


The dryer has two parts to the cycle. It has a dry mode and a cool down mode. When the dryer is first started, the DRY light will flash and the COOLING light will remain lit until the cooling mode has started. When the cooling mode begins, the COOLING light will then begin flashing.



When the timer advances to 6 minutes, the dryer will conduct the last gauge of the dry level of the clothing. During this time, the timer can remain at the 6-minute mark until for a time to make sure that the clothes are ready. If the dryer senses that the load is ready, the timer will advance to 5 minutes and the COOLING light will begin to flash. However, if the load is not dry enough for the selected settings for the cycle, the timer will stay on 6 minutes until the load is ready.


NOTE: This occurs only on sensor dry cycles as part of the moisture sensing process.



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