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Dryer: Clothing comes out too damp

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  • Last Updated 04/12/2012

On sensor dry cycles, slight dampness after the cycle is completed is normal. 

This is because the dryer is designed for optimum fabric care, and will therefore not over dry clothing. 

Heated dry cycles are the most damaging to the clothing. 

The unit is designed to limit this damage by sensing humidity levels in the machine and shutting off prior to complete dryness.

Dry level options can be selected for each individual user’s needs. 

These include [less dry], [normal], and [more dry]. 

The [more dry] setting should be selected to completely dry the clothing with no dampness. 

The [normal] dry level will leave the clothing slightly damp.

The [less dry] level (for more delicate types of clothing) will leave clothes damp enough to be hung up and air-dried. 

The different cycles on the unit are preset to a specific dry level, but some cycles can be adjusted. 

Some models have additional dry levels. 

Not all dry levels are available on every sensor dry cycle. 

Please check the following steps to troubleshoot dampness beyond the information provided above.

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