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Dryer: Clothing comes out too damp

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  • Last Updated 04/12/2012

Dryer: Clothing comes out too damp


Is the load comprised of mixed fabrics?

When mixing fabric types, some will dry faster than others will.  For example, when drying t-shirts and jeans, the t-shirts will dry faster than the jeans do, because jeans will retain more moisture.  When the t-shirts dry, if they brush against the sensors in the drum, the unit will think the entire load is dry and shut off


Is the load size too large?

Be sure not to overload the dryer.  Overloading the dryer will prevent proper airflow and tumbling.  This can result in some items being dry and others not or the entire load not being dried completely.  It will be necessary to remove some articles of clothing and start the cycle again.



Is the load size small?

Small load sizes will sometimes not completely dry before the dryer shuts off. This is because the items in the drum do not brush up against the sensors that are located at the front of the drum, for the unit to detect proper humidity levels in the machine.  Adding a few similar items to a small load may help.

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