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Why does front load washer leaks water?

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  • Last Updated 20/04/2015

Why does front load washer leaks water?



1.    In Front load water is leaking.


1.    Detergent blocks might be blocking the way of water in the detergent drawer.

2.    Customer is using bigger amount of detergent which is causing bubbles.

3.    Water supplier is damaged.

4.    Door gasket is damaged or needs cleaning.

5.    The hoses in the back of the machine are torn or not well adjusted.

6.    The drain filter needs cleaning.

 How to fix

1.    Clean detergent drawer (press the button in the middle of the drawer to pull the drawer) put the drawer in warm water to remove detergent blocks or traces.

2.    Reduce the amount of the used detergent.

3.    Use HE detergent as its making less bubbles and cleaning more.

4.    Clean Gasket by clean cotton cloth and the inner side of the door.

5.      Check if the gasket has any damage.

6.    Check inlet hose if torn or not will adjusted.

7.    Clean the drain filter of any dirt or metals.

8.    Water supplier is damaged so needs technician to replace it.


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