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Why do LG Front load washer displays DE code?

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  • Last Updated 30/09/2015

Why do LG Front load washer displays DE code?



1.    In Front load the screen displays DE error code.


1.    The machine is overloaded.

2.    The door is not closed well.

3.    The door is not aligned or partially broken.

4.    The door lock magnet is not working.

5.    The door gasket is damaged.

 How to fix

1.    Make sure that the machine is not overloaded as the clothes will not allow the door to be closed probably.

2.    Make sure that the door is close well and you hear the door click sound while closing.

3.    Check that the door is not partially broken and well aligned.

4.    If the door lock magnet is not working well so it needs technical support at home.

5.    Check the door gasket if has any damage or no and clean the internal side of the door well by clean piece of cloth and the gasket as well.

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