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Glass with white film and water mark

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  • Last Updated 22/05/2012

Customer complaints that washing quality of dishes is not good :

 Experiencing wash quality problem, how can we manage the good quality of washing. glass with water marks..

  Issue: Glass with white film and water mark

 1) Water mark : must use rinse aid to remove water mark. ( Rinse aid reduce the surface tension of water,

                                so we can remove water mark by using rinse aid)

 2) White film : There are some reasons which can make white film issues.

         - Water softener : Generally solenoid valve problem à Change solenoid valve and run test mode @@

                                    to clear resin filter ( If we don't do test mode @@, we can't get good performance, so must do this test mode after   svc )

         - Program : We found some models (s/no: 003 ~ 011) has program error ( do not operate ....


à Applied Model : D142**

The symptom is lime & white spot on the tub & dish in high hardness water area.

In this case you could replace the PCB with upgraded program.

       -> Replace PCB upgraded program.

       -> 3in1 detergent could improve this problem

       -> If use Dual course or select option (rinse +) the symptom will be improved.

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