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Why the dishwasher is not drying?

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  • Last Updated 27/05/2015

Why the dishwasher is not drying?



1.    The dishwasher is not drying.


1.       If no rinse aid is used, drying performance could be poor.

2.    Not opening the door slightly after the wash.

3.    Putting plastic items in the machine

 How to fix

1.    Make sure that you use Rinse Aid as it helps to reduce the surface tension of water, preventing water beads or droplets.


2.    Refill with rinse aid when the Lamp turns on.


3.    Opening the door slightly after the end of the cycle can assist with increasing the drying performance.

4.    plastic cools faster than glass or china dish, so water remains you can increase it by selecting ‘Extra dry (hot)’ or open the door slightly at the end of cycle.





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