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Why the dishwasher buttons are not responding?

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  • Last Updated 27/05/2015

Why the dishwasher buttons are not responding?



1.    The dishwasher buttons are not responding.


1.    The door is not closed well as door not aligned or the unit not balanced or the internal racks are preventing the door to cloth well.

2.    The delay start option is on.

3.    Child lock option is on.

 How to fix

1.    Make sure that the door is closed probably as the unit is leveled and the internal racks are in place and no issue with the door itself.

2.    If the Delay start is activated, the unit will be on but will not run.

3.    To cancel the function, either press the delay wash button until the number reaches zero or cancel the cycle by turning the unit off with the power button and back on.

4.    If the Child Lock Function is activated, the unit will stay on, but buttons on the control panel will not work. If the child lock indicator is lit, then this function is engaged. Unlock child lock buttons simultaneously for 3-5 seconds.



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