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File Sharing/DLNA

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  • Last Updated 02/01/2013
DLNA File Sharing-Mac


DLNA is a standardized way that data can be communicated across different devices over a home network connection.

DLNA Requirements:

A wired/wireless home network is required.

Computer server software must be installed on the computer to share files using DLNA. Nero MediaHome Essentials is supplied with all LG DLNA certified devices but other PC Server software can be used as well.

Devices must be DLNA Certified to use this feature.

Certain file types may be restricted and copy protected files may not function properly

Apple(Mac) compatibility with DLNA/File Sharing

Right out of the box our televisions will not work with Apple products or the Mac OS because the supplied DLNA software is designed for PCs. You may have the option o look for a freeware digital media server built for the Mac platform, or software offered by PLEX.

Sharing files with Plex

Once the Plex Media Server is running, the selected files will be shared over the network to other Plex enabled devices.

Accessing Plex Media Server

Select the Smart Share block in the Home menu and select Media Link to access the shared files on the Plex server.

Access any of the shared content by highlighting the sections.

Once the desired folder has been selected, a list of files will display. Once these files are displayed, each one will contain information regarding the title.

Selecting Files on the Plex Media Server

Search: Allows you to search for specific words or phrases in a file name.

Filter: Allows you to filter media using various content filters

Play Pressing ENTER while the title is selected will play the title.

Back: Sends you to the previous screen.

Exit: Exits the Media Link function.

Note: For a list of supported file types you will need to reference the owner’s manual for your device.

There are various Plug-ins (Channels) available to you that access additional content using the Plex Media Server such as game, video, music channels, etc.

Note: These channels are developed by 3rd party developers and are not supported by LG directly. For support or questions about these channels you will need to contact Plex.

Selecting Channels on the Plex Media Server

Select Plex Channels.

Select the desired channel.

Press ENTER to install

Access the Channel from the Plex Home Screen.


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