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Picture Size or Aspect Ratio

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  • Last Updated 02/01/2013
Video- Picture Size or Aspect Ratio


There are several different ways to adjust the picture size depending on what types of devices are connected to the television. This is generally corrected by selecting the appropriate aspect ratio of the TV. Access the menu of the television to see if it looks cropped or zoomed. If so, the device may require service.

Changing the Aspect Ratio (Picture Size)

In order to change the aspect ratio on an LG television, simply select the Q. Menu button on the LG TV remote and use the navigational arrows to scroll to Ratio and make your selection.

The most common Aspect Ratio is 16:9.

After changing the aspect ratio to 16:9, if your picture is still larger/smaller than the television screen you will need to contact your cable/satellite service provider or the manufacturer of the external device you are using for further troubleshooting and assistance.


4:3 is a picture size that was used when non-widescreen TVs were more widely used.

Select 4:3 when you want to view a picture with an original 4:3 aspect ratio. If images seem too stretched with other formats, this may be the proper ratio to choose.

On widescreen televisions, this will case black bars to appear on the left and right hand sides of the picture.


When 16:9 is selected it adjusts the picture horizontally to fill the entire screen.

This is the most common selection used when attempting to adjust the aspect ratio.

Just Scan

Normally the edges of video signals are cropped 1-2%. Just Scan turns this cropping off to show the complete video.

If there is any noise on the edge of the original signal, it will be visible when Just Scan is activated. This noise typically displays as static or colored lines. If this is not desired, you may want to choose 16:9 instead.

Set By Program

Set by Program selects the proper picture proportion to match the source’s image. This is commonly used when you are using the TV tuner as the source of the image. It adjusts the image to display as it was intended to display by the broadcaster.

The image size will constantly change to match the source’s image. If this is not desired, use a more static setting like 4:3 or 16:9


Choose Zoom when you want to view the picture without any alteration. However, the top and bottom portions of the picture will be cropped. This is not a common setting since it actually crops the image from its original size.

Cinema Zoom

Choose Cinema Zoom when you want to enlarge the picture in correct proportion. When enlarging or reducing the picture, the image may become distorted. The image can be adjusted in a range of 1 - 16.


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