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Invalid Format or Format Not Supported

TV- Invalid Format/Format Not Supported


This error occurs when the output device’s resolution is set to something other than what the TV can support.

Check the supported resolutions

As this will vary from model to model you will need to reference the owner’s manual and/or spec sheet of your TV for a full list of supported resolutions.

Check the current resolution setting of the external device

Attempt to navigate through the menu of the external device to check the output resolution setting. If the output resolution is not set to a compatible setting of the TV, this will be the cause of the error and must be changed to a resolution supported by the television.

If you are unfamiliar with how to do this you will need to contact the manufacturer of the external device or your cable/satellite provider.

HDCP Error

HDCP error messages are usually not generated by the LG TV itself. These are usually generated by a cable or satellite box. When a message like this occurs it can be usually resolved by trying a new HDMI cable. If you have any other connected devices that are working fine such as game console, or BluRay player, attempt to connect the Cable / Satellite box using one of the working device's HDMI cable. This will help you determine if the first HDMI cable needs to be replaced. If the issue still remains you will need to contact your service provider for additional troubleshooting.

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