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Cracked/Damaged Screen

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  • Last Updated 02/01/2013
TV- Cracked/Damaged Screen


A cracked or damaged screen is not something that is usually considered a manufacturing defect and is usually not covered under the LG Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Damaged straight from the box

If so, the damage could have occurred during shipping. If you had the unit delivered to your house you will need to consult with the dealer from which the unit was purchased for further assistance.

When the screen is cracked during shipping, there is usually an indication of damage on the outside of the box.

If the box shows no signs of physical damage, you can email pictures and a short explanation of the issue by following the link provided and it will be reviewed for further assistance in the matter:

Reaching a conclusion

The LG Manufacturer’s Warranty typically would not cover a cracked or damaged screen however the determination cannot be made over a phone call as to what caused the damage if it was not shipped to your house and signs of damage are not present on the box.

A technician can be sent to your house to inspect the unit to determine whether the crack or damage was caused by product failure.

Note: We cannot guarantee warranty coverage. If the technician deems the crack was due to customer abuse, blunt force, etc. you will be responsible for all fees associated with the diagnosis and/or repair of the unit.

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