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File Sharing/DLNA

TV- DLNA File Sharing-PC


DLNA is a standardized way that data can be communicated across different devices over a home network connection.

DLNA Requirements:

A wired/wireless home network is required.

Computer server software must be installed on the computer to share files using DLNA. Nero MediaHome Essentials is supplied with all LG DLNA certified devices but other PC Server software can be used as well.

Devices must be DLNA Certified to use this feature.

Certain file types may be restricted and copy protected files may not function properly.

PC compatibility with DLNA/File Sharing

Straight from the box, all LG televisions are compatible with PC. LG provides a copy of Nero Media Home Essentials in the box with your purchase.

Installing Nero

Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials is software for sharing video, music, and photo files stored on your computer to your television.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 can do file sharing from within the operating system itself however for older systems, using this software is a must. Nero is not the only DLNA software available but it is the only software provided by LG.

After inserting the Nero disc into your computer tray, follow the on-screen directions to install the software.

Sharing files with Nero

Select the Shares icon at the upper left hand area of the Nero Media Home window.

Click the ADD button to select the files/folders you wish to share across the media sever.

Select the folder/files to share then click the OK button.

Once the files/folders have been selected, Nero’s software will begin indexing the files. Click OK once indexing is complete.

Click the Start Server button to begin sharing the content.

Selecting files from the Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials server

Access the Home menu using the LG Smart TV remote.

Navigate to the right to the Smart Share block.

Select the device you wish to access from the list and press ENTER.

Select the specific folder with the files you wish to view.

Select the files you wish to few from the folder and use the ENTER button to begin playback.

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