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Dolby Digital Output

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  • Last Updated 22/11/2012
TV- Dolby Digital Audio


An optical digital or HDMI cable is required in order to get Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel Audio. LG Televisions do not have a default Dolby digital output setting. Most LG televisions output PCM audio by default which means 5.1 channel pas through is not supported. Some LG models have the option to change the Digital Audio Output format

Using the Television as the Source

The TV will provide Dolby Digital Output when the TV is the source of the Audio.

If the source of the audio is Netcast or Premium Application that supports 5.1 Channel Output, the TV should pass the 5.1 Signal using the optical port.

Using an External Device

If the source of the Audio comes from an external device, such as a BluRay player or Cable/Satellite Box, the TV does not pass the 5.1 Channel signal using the optical port.

The connection must be a direct audio connection from the external device to the home theater system.

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