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How to clean AC Air Filter?

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  • Last Updated 12/04/2015

How to clean AC Air Filter?



1.    Low cooling.


1.    Clogged, dirty air filters block normal airflow and reduce a system's efficiency significantly.

2.    Trapped particles in the filter will build up and block the airflow. This reduces the cooling capacity and also causes an accumulation of frost on the cooling coils.

 How to fix

1.    Remove the plug from the power outlet.

2.    Open the inlet grille upward by pulling out the bottom of the inlet grille.(a)

3.    In another case, you can open the inlet grille downward by pulling out the top of the inlet grille.(b)

4.    Remove the air filter from the front grille assembly by pulling the air filter up or down slightly.

5.    Wash the filter using lukewarm water below 40°C (104°F).(c)

6.    Gently shake the excess water from the filter completely. Replace the filter.


Applied Models:

1. WAC:  Window Air Conditioning




2. SRAC: Split Residential Air Conditioning


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