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Why do I hear noises from my AC?

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  • Last Updated 17/06/2015

Why do I hear noises from my AC?



            Noise > Humming noise from the indoor unit

            Leakage > Condensation on indoor unit vane



            When filters are clogged or blocked, the indoor unit can make a humming noise. 

           Please clean the dust filter and air purification filter. 

           Keep windows open for more than 10 minutes to let enough air in after cleaning filters.

           For cleaning of each part, please contact the service center.

              ※Please clean the filters once two weeks to maintain product performance.


  How to clean the air filter
               ① Hold ends of the intake holes with both hands and pull forward to open. Take out the antibacterial filter.  


               Clean with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. If the filter needs a thorough cleaning, try washing it with a neutral detergent

                 (Make sure to use water at below 40). 

                 Please avoid direct sunlight and dry in shade.             


              ③ Put the filter back in its original position and close the cover firmly.



 How to disassemble and assemble the air filter

           ※ Please clean the filter once 1-2 months to maintain product performance.


             ① Push in the hooks on the intake grill’s ends as shown below.


              ※ Be careful not to drop the filter from the grille. 

              ※ If the unit has an elevated grille, please wait until the elevated grill stops completely, and then proceed to disassemble

                the grill from the filter. 

              ※ Be careful not to have the elevated grill derailed from the wire. 

               To remove only the filter, grab and pull down the handle as shown in the Fig.  Slide down the filter till the end.


        1. How to disassemble the filter only

                Lift it up a little before pulling it down. Check the hooks to avoid sudden fall(disconnection)

                ② Pull down the filter.




        2.How to disassemble both filter and grille

                Lift up the grille from the hooker inside and disassemble the filter. 


              ② Lift it up from the hook before pulling it down. 

              ③ Pull down the filter.



        3. How to dust off the filter
            Use a vacuum cleaner or soft brush to dust off the filter.

            If the filter needs a thorough cleaning, try washing it with a neutral detergent . (Make sure to use water below 40)

            Please avoid direct sunlight and dry in shade. 

            Holding the filter on both sides and shaking it can damage the filter. 


         4. How to assemble the filter. 
            Assemble the filter in reverse order. Please push the filter all the way to the end.

           How to assemble the filter

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