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How should I install the product?

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  • Last Updated 12/05/2015

How should I install the product?




symptom Symptom


              1. Precautions for installing and cleaning an oven/microwave.






checkpoint  Checkpoint


              1. All lightwave ovens and microwaves

                  (QR model for ovens: MA921MBS / MA921MBN / MA921NWS / MA921NBS)






How to install  How to install

             1. Install on a firm and even surface.
             2. Check the product’s position.

           If it is placed on a sink or steel products, noise level can be higher.


             3Installation in an open area is recommended for ventilation, however it is  difficult,

                 keep a minimum distance of 20 centimeters from the top and 10 centimeters  from left, right, and back of the product.

                 to prevent deformation and malfunction.


                installation clearance


             4. As the oven can interfere with TVs or radios to cause unstable video or noise, keep distance of 4 meters.

             ※ Do not install in an enclosed cabinet.


             5. Avoid placing heavy objects  or a lace-decorated cover on top of oven.

                 It may cause injury when the objects fall or malfunction due to overheating.


             6.  Plug in a power cord to a grounded 220V power socket    






how to install


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