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Is there noise during operation? (Refrigerator)

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  • Last Updated 19/02/2015
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1-1. “Dduk” “Ddak” sounds are made when various parts are contracted or 1-2. expanded due to temperature change in the refrigerator or 1-3. by various control devices, and they are normal. 2-1. “Deuruk” “Deolkeok” “Ung” sounds are made by the compressor or fan 2-2. when the refrigerator starts or ends the operation, 2-3. similar to the sound of an automobile engine starting or turning off, and they are normal. 3-1. The sound of water flowing “Ggururuk” is the sound made 3-2. when the refrigerant state changes in the freezing/refrigeration chamber, and it is normal. 4-1. The sound of “Shu~” and “Shick” right after closing the door is the sound generated 4-2. by the momentary drop of the internal pressure 4-3. when the hot air coming into the fridge or freezer is rapidly cooled, and this is normal. 5-1. When you hear “shaking sound”, it is the case where you installed the refrigerator 5-2. on a wooden floor or against a wooden wall with incorrect balancing, 5-3. and the vibration and sound may get bigger. 6. Use the spanner in the user manual to adjust the balance.

Is there noise during operation? (Refrigerator)

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