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[Washing Machine]The washer won’t run the spin cycle. (Top Loading Washer)

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  • Last Updated 03/02/2015
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1. Press ‘Start/Pause’ button to pause the spin cycle. 2. Check the following: 3. Did you you load a large item such as a blanket, comforter or carpet together with the smaller-sized clothes in the wash cycle? If a large item is combined with smaller items, it may cause the load to become unbalanced, and the spin cycle may not start. 4. Did you run the spin cycle with wash bags, pillows or a small load? If so, the load may get tangled onto one side and the spin cycle may not start. 5. If the load gets tangled, redistribute it evenly. And if you have a small load, add more laundry and run the cycle again. 6. The purpose of the water re-supply motion is to untangle the load when the washer detects an entanglement or unbalance. 7. The wash time will increase in some cycles when the washer needs to re-supply water to untangle the load. ※ If a repair technician is called for a problem which is not related to a defect in the manufacture of the appliance, a repair fee may be charged. Check in detail before calling for service.

The washer won’t run the spin cycle. (Top Loading Washer)

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