49" 700 nits FHD 0.9mm Even Bezel Video Wall

49" 700 nits FHD 0.9mm Even Bezel Video Wall


49" 700 nits FHD 0.9mm Even Bezel Video Wall

Artistic Immersion, Overwhelming Captivation

The impressive immersion generated by the extremely narrow 0.9 mm bezel becomes even more powerful with a state-of-the-art smart signage platform. Beyond the self-playing feature, the VH7E series is capable of multitasking that raises brand awareness, drives traffic to your store, and engages customers in brand storytelling.
Achieving Incredible Immersion

Seamless Large Screens with Extreme-Narrow Bezel

The borderless design, with its 0.9 mm* even bezel and 1.8 mm* BtB (Bezel to Bezel), verified by Nemko, minimizes bezel interference and delivers immersive and seamless content on assembled video wall screens.

* The 0.9mm even panel bezel and 1.8mm BTB size (borderless type, no metal bezel) have been verified by Nemko, a global institution that tests and certifies electrical equipment.

Achieving Incredible Immersion

Image Gap Reduction

The VH7E series includes an image improvement algorithm that can reduce image gaps among tiled displays when playing back videos. Objects located on the bezel boundaries are adjusted for a seamless viewing experience.

* The "Conventional" refers to displays which do not include an image improvement algorithm.

Vivid and Dynamic Picture Quality

Higher Viewing Angle

Large screens are usually positioned higher than human-eye level, making uniform picture quality essential for video walls. The viewing angle of the VH7E series is high enough to display vivid colors throughout the screen with no distortion.

* Results based on in-house testing. Actual test results may differ depending on environment and measuring equipment.

Vivid and Dynamic Picture Quality

Wider Viewing Angle

It is well known that LG IPS panel technology provides better control of liquid crystals, which in turn allows the screen to be viewed at virtually any angle. Thereby, the VH7E series captivates the attention of more viewers with lifelike colors, regardless of their viewing position.
Powerful Smart Signage Platform

High Performance and Great Scalability

Thanks to its built-in SoC and webOS smart signage platform, the VH7E series can execute several tasks at once while providing smooth content playback without the need for a media player. As webOS supports HTML5 as a web-based platform and offers SDK(Soft Development Kit), it is even easier for SIs to build and optimize.
User-Friendly Smart Signage UX

Intuitive Menu Structure

The menu structure has been optimized for commercial use. It simplifies approach flows and groups similar functions together, adopting a more intuitive GUI for ease of use. This way, users can avoid having to do trialand-error when exploring desired functions and managing displays.
User-Friendly Smart Signage UX

Dedicated GUI for Portrait Orientation

The conventional GUI(Graphic User Interface) was designed based on landscape-oriented consumer TV usage, so OSD(On Screen Display) wasn't well-suited for screens in portrait mode. The OSD of the VH7E series, however, consists of a long range menu, creating a comfortable and efficient business environment.
User Convenience

Easy Color Adjustment

Depending on the content, the color temperature of the display can be easily adjusted in increments of 100K using a remote control.
User Convenience

Simple White Balance Adjustment

In conventional video walls, white balance was adjustable only in “full-white” mode, but the VH7E series allows you to modify each value of grey scale to achieve more detailed and precise white balance adjustment.
User Convenience

LAN Daisy Chain Management

A LAN daisy chain allows you to execute commands to control and monitor video walls and even update their firmwares at once.
User Convenience

Real-Time Care Service

The maintenance gets easier and faster with an optional service Signage365Care*, a cloud service solution provided by LG service. It remotely manages status of displays in client workplaces for fault diagnosis and remote-control services, ensuring the stable operation of a client's business.

* The availability of "Signage365Care" service can differ by region, so please contact the LG sales representative in your region for further details.

All specs



Remote Controller, Power Cord, RS232C Cable, LAN Cable, DP Cable, IR Receiver, Guide Bracket, Screws, Manual


Wall Mount (Landscape : WM-L640V, Portrait : WM-P640V), OPS Kit (KT-OPSF)



FCC Class "A" / CE / KC

ErP / Energy Star

Yes(EU Only) / Yes(Energy Star 8.0)




External Control

RS232C In/out, RJ45(LAN) In/out, IR In


HDMI (2), DP, DVI-D, Audio, USB 2.0


DP, Audio


Operation Humidity

10 % to 80 %

Operation Temperature

0°C to 40°C


Bezel Width

0.9 mm (Even), B to B 1.8 mm

Carton Dimensions (W × H × D)

1,214 x 775 x 263 mm

Monitor Dimension (W × H × D)

1,075.6 x 605.8 x 86.2 mm

Packed Weight

23.2 kg

VESA™ Standard Mount Interface

600 x 400 mm

Weight (Head)

17.5 kg


OPS Type Compatible

Yes (Piggyback)


Aspect Ratio

16 : 9

Brightness (Typ., cd/m²)



1,920 x 1,080 (FHD)

Screen Size



Power Supply

100-240V~, 50/60Hz

Power Type

Built-In Power


Smart Energy Saving

80 W

Typ. / Max.

150 W / 180 W


Content Management Software

SuperSign CMS

Control and Monitoring Software

SuperSign Control/Control+