A couple shopping at a mall with colorful shopping bags.

Make your shoppers' stay more comfortable

Energy Saving

- Efficient measurement of energy usage for individual tenants

- Efficient ventilation and cooling to minimize operation cost

Comfort Environment

- Fresh air with ventilation and cooling

- Cooling with wide coverage

Effective Management

- Offers both individual and central control

- Easy management via smartphone

An image of a shopping mall with thumbnails of an atrium, retail stores, a food court, and a control center.
An image of a food court at a shopping mall with air conditioning on.

Food Court

Effective ventilation allows customers to enjoy their meals in a pleasant environment without worrying about food smell.

Three images of a clothing shop, a jewelry shop and a restaurant with air conditioning on.

Retail Store

Various indoor units offer customized control for each shop natural installation for each entry.

An image of an atrium at a shopping mall with air conditioning on.


Always maintain optimal conditions through smooth heating and cooling, even in crowded places.

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Smart control & energy management

Efficient control and energy management of all the spaces in the mall reduces operating costs.

Product lineup for shopping mall

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Meet LG's optimal solutions for various types of shopping malls

SM Mall

The largest shopping mall chain in the Philippines. / Chiller, FCU

Kalina Mall

Large shopping center in eastern Russia.

/ Chiller, Multi V, AHU

Pick n Pay

A large-scale shopping center in Johannesburg.

/ Chiller, Multi V, AHU

Cresta Shopping Centre

The aspirational shopping center in South Africa. / Multi V, AHU