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I can't record video on the tape

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  • Last Updated 07/01/2016

I can't record video on the tape


I can’t record a video. 

 How to fix

1. Check if the TAPE is recordable.
2. Check if the recording signal lamp is on.

T-120, T-160, T-180, T-210: These marks imply the hours of use, and you may choose to your preference.  

①'SP‘ implies Standard. You can select this when you record movie/music that needs quality image and sound   

②'EP' or 'SLP‘ is 3 times faster than the normal speed. You can select this when you record a video such as drama or sports that you will watch just once and delete.   

③You can select ‘Automatic’ only when scheduled recording is set. The tape speed will automatically change depending on the program you have scheduled.

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