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What is Smart Bulletin?

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  • Last Updated 04/16/2016

This feature shows useful information related to your phone in one place on your home screen.

Smart Bulletin settings

The Smart Bulletin is on the far left side of the home screen. If you cannot see Smart Bulletin on the home screen, do the following:

• Turn Smart Bulletin on in 'Settings> Home screen> Smart Bulletin.'
• Press and hold an empty space on the home screen to bring up the Edit screen. Push the screens left or right and tap the buttons on top of the Smart Bulletin screen.

Information provided

• Calendar, LG Health, Smart Settings: Today's schedule, exercise data and other current info can be viewed.
• Music, QRemote: These apps can be run immediately.
• Smart Tips: Tips on new features and event info can be viewed.
• The information provided may vary depending on your mobile telecommunications provider. For more info, download the Smart Bulletin support app from LG SmartWorld.


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