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Possible Reason For Strong Noise on Washing Machine

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  • Last Updated 08/30/2012

Several Possible Reason For Strong Noise on Washing Machine:


1. Noise By Packaging Material:

- The packing material located at the bottom of the washing machine is to protect the unit during transportation.

  If there’s a noise, please check the base of the product.


Packing styrofoam is located at the base of the unit.


2. Noise By Debris:

- Sometime the debris remain in the pockets of clothes will have noise sound during washing operation

- Before washing, make sure your pocket is empty and fasten your zipper and buttons. It can help to reduce spin time                       


                            Example of other debris: coins, key, pin, button, etc.                small wire stucked at the inner of the tub's hole


3. Noise Sound of "Wing!" "Wing!"


4. Noise During Water Supply

- Possible due to inlet valve clogged.

- If Inlet valve clogged by foreign object,  noise will happen when it inlet water because of water pressure. Please clean the valve


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