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Noise On Washing Machine

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  • Last Updated 09/17/2012

Troubleshooting of Noise on Washing Machine 


Detail Symptom  Self-diagnosis
Question Answer
Makes 'beep' noise when supply water Does it make noice when water supply?  ▶When water pressure is high, turn the tap to the right side to reduce the pressure. It will not make noise then.
Sound of bumping while dehydrating (vibration, moving) Could you remove the fix volt in the back of washing machine? ▶Diassemble the volt with spanner
Sound of squeal when dehydrating  Creates noise when stop washing?  ▶It can be caused by unbalanc laundry. If it keeps making noise, you need to check with engineer.
Sound of bumping and vibrating  Is there other materials around? ▶The sound is may be caused by some other materials around washing machine. Check the surrounding and try it again

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