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What should I check when water leaks?

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  • Last Updated 05/08/2015

What should I check when water leaks?




cause Cause


      ■ When water leaks from a dishwasher, please check water supply and drain hoses. 

          Also check a detergent used as dishwashing liquids and baking soda can cause leaks due to foam.


          Please make sure a dishwasher is level.



how to fix How to fix


      1. To check water supply hoses, first close a water tap and other valves. Check each joint is fastened enough. 

      2. Please fasten any loose joints.

            fasten loose parts


      3. Check on Y-connector parts under a sink for a water leak from a drain hose. 

           check y-connector


      4. Please fasten any loose joints. 

      5. If a dishwasher is not level, please adjust.




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