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Why do I get an 'Error 404' message when trying to use the internet on my LG TV?

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  • Last Updated 08/06/2016

Why do I get an 'Error 404' message when trying to use the internet on my LG TV?


Cause Cause


Error 404 messages are the most common internet error message around. The fault usually occurs when attempting to

connect to a website or an application.


The reason the error occurs is because the client (whether this be a TV, Blu-Ray player, mobile phone or a PC) is able to

connect to the router (and therefore connected to the internet) but the router is unable to find the information that has been



This error can occur for a number of reasons such as, the webpage/service no longer exists, the upload speed is

dramatically lower than the download causing a long delay and prompting a time out, security settings on the router is

blocking the information from coming in.


How to fix How to Fix


We can only recommend that you contact your Internet Service Provider for more information, as this is not an issue with the TV

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