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Can I upgrade my phone wirelessly? (Firmware Over The Air)

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  • Last Updated 07/05/2015

Can I upgrade my phone wirelessly? (Firmware Over The Air)


function Function


      What is FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)?

              FOTA is a wireless tool used to update software of smart phones. This method is

              recommended for convenience. 

              It also allows manufacturers and operators to "push out" firmware updates to ensure their consumers

              have the latest software update.

how to setup How to Setup


        How can I check if the software is the latest version?

                  Go to Settings  General Tab About phone Update Center Software Update Check now for update


              FOTA setup 1



        FOTA UI – Download & Install


              FOTA set up 2


FOTA Set Up 3


              FOTA set up 4




                     It's recommended to connect to Wi-Fi network when updating to avoid

                     high data fee. Also make sure to fully charge the battery and have the enough device memory.

                     Please do not remove the battery during upgrade.



Check point Check Points


          FOTA FAQs                

                 a) What if I move from a Wi-Fi environment  and my phone reverts to 3G while downloading?

                      - Downloading will continue in 3G network.                    

                      - When ‘Wi-Fi Only’ is selected, downloading will be paused as Wi-Fi network is disconnected 
                         Once Wi-Fi network is reconnected, download will restart.


                 b) What if I lose connection of a 3G/Wi-Fi network while downloading?

                      - Due to a resume function, downloading will continue from where it paused.


                 c) While installing after download, what happens if the installation stops due to battery?

                     - Once the power turns back on, download will restart from where it paused with resume function.



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