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My clothes are not coming out clean, why is this?

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  • Last Updated 28/05/2015

My clothes are not coming out clean, why is this?

checkpoint Checkpoint


1) First check the amount of detergent that is being used.

If too little is being used with a big load there will not be enough to go around


2) Clean the dispenser draw as described in the maintenance section of the user guide.


3) The water pressure may not be high enough and so the detergent will not be syphoned out of the draw correctly

(check if any detergent reamins in the draw). You may be able to adjust the water pressure at the inlet to the machine -

otherwise your mains water cock could require adjusting


3) Finally, do a regular tub clean. This will make sure that if there is any left over soap, hair or dirt in the machine will be washed out.

If you have checked the above points and find that your LG Washing Machine is still not cleaning yoiur clothes correctly,

then please contact our Customer Information Centre (UK: 0344 847 5454 or IE: 01 686 9454) for further assistance.

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